True artistry, to me, is the ability to use a medium of art to create a universe around those who enjoy it. One of the reasons the mission of this blog involves covering multiple genres is that it is about artistry as a whole, without a focus on any specific genre over another. There is immense power in quiet. A mellow acoustic tune can translate a stormy intensity. The goal with the quieter genres is to say more with less. To grip with words. To hold you in a feeling. Someone like Allison will hold you in your feelings, alright.

Allison Rose, immensely talented singer-songwriter from Providence, RI.

Allison’s repertoire hits with a sting familiar to most — from the battle of inner demons and conflict with self to outlining life lessons learned the hard way. Her voice is not small, neither is it nearly overwhelming. It is reserved and calculated. It is guarded and firm. You can hear the vulnerability in her timbre and it is unapologetic. Her feet are planted and she flips the vulnerability of her voice with a strong stage presence that speaks to a soul who has seen many a storm — unafraid of the ones to come.

It is hard to summarize what Allison’s music makes you feel. She can make you homesick for a place you didn’t know existed. She can leave you mourning family that is not your own. She is a true vessel of her craft and speaking with her only further cements the truth in her sung words. On top of it all, she makes it look easy.

Getting her start with Rhode Island-area open mics, she burst onto the scene with an aura that commands the listening ear of everyone in the room. When she’s not killing a stage or taking care of her two children, she’s an active board member of a non-profit organization, RISING, that gives up-and-coming singer/songwriters in the local area the tools that they need to succeed in their craft.

Her debut release, “Hope”, garnered attention as a wonderfully executed sonic trip through her personal experience that is engrossing, to say the least. There is a connection to all of human experience here — from gain to loss, from love to longing, and everything in between.

“Hope” is currently available through Allison’s website here, for $9.99. You can like her Facebook page here.


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